Upcoming Project: Library and Community Information Center

After successfully completing its first project of Childhood Vaccines in rural parts of Narnaul region in Haryana, India, Mission India Foundation is now pleased to announce its next project: A Public Library.
Going by the fundamental principle that education is the key to empower the individuals and communities and that public library can be a unique unifier,  Mission India Foundation is going to launch the Public Library and Community Information Center (CIC) in Narnaul in April 2013.
Briefly About the project:
The Public Library and CIC will serve the needs of the rural belt of this region. There is one public library run by the Govt in Narnaul with a population of 65,000 and a catchment area of more than 200 K people. There is a great need of a dynamic library in the region.  The public library run by MIF will be the center of activity and knowledge for the community. The Library will focus on the needs of children and women. Through its community Information Center portfolio, it would be able to organize events, talks and workshops dealing with diverse topics (example: Book-reading for kids, talk by an advocate about rights for women; career counseling for youth,etc).

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Mission India Foundation completes its Vaccine Project in Narnaul

October 12,2012: Today is a historic day for all of us at Mission India Foundation. By reaching the milestone of 20,000 vaccine doses today, we have achieved a feat that we feel something to rejoice at!

Master Divit (age: 2.5 years) received a shot of Hepatitis B vaccine, marking 20th thousand (20,000) dose. This completes our journey that we started 2 and half year back in the town of Narnaul, Haryana. Mission India Foundation has launched a vaccination drive in this area with an aim to create awareness about the vaccines and make them available to the children in the town and surrounding villages. The journey has been a blend of satisfaction, pleasant cooperation from all quarters and moreover overwhelming response from the community about the vaccines. During this period, children have received important vaccines like MMR, Hepatitis B and Typhoid.

India has a huge vaccine deficits. Its national average of fully immunized kids (against 6 vaccine preventable diseases) is around 45 %, a dismal performance indicator. And then inability to add newer vaccines to its immunization schedule is another missed opportunity. Thus, when we launched the vaccine drive in Narnaul in April 2010, our aim was 2-fold: 1. Focus on those vaccines that the Government has not included in its schedule, ie, what W.H.O. calls Newer and Underutilized Vaccines (NUVIs). 2. Create awareness about the importance of vaccines along with other issues involving health.

Mission India Foundation is thankful to all the help and cooperation it has received from patrons, volunteers, friends, and donors (individuals, private corporations and pharma companies). And needless to say, all the appreciation to its project team and Board of Directors who have served in the past and serving currently: this team work kept us going.

Even though, we have reached our mark of 20,000 vaccine doses, we are still providing inoculations to the kids who are due for in next several weeks.

MIF plans to launch its next program in 2013 on education. A public library project will be launched in April of 2013 in Narnaul.

Thank you once again! and hope to see your participation in our next project.


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Press coverage of vaccine project

This is the news coverage about Mission India Foundation’s ongoing vaccine project published in a local Hindi News-paper in Narnaul, India.

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Vaccination Friend- reaching the unreached

Concept of Vaccination Friend:

Vaccination Friend (Tikakaran- Mitra in Hindi), is an unique concept conceived by Mission India Foundation, of creating a group of volunteers from the public by providing one day training on the issues of childhood immunization. After the one-day certification, the Vaccination Friend (VF)usually joins hands with MIF’s specialized outreach team to spread health education in villages.

Idea Behind Vaccination Friend:

Like other developing countries India has a huge deficit in immunizations and being able to reach those living in rural areas and/or in low-socio economic conditions. On a national level, vaccination rates for infants between 12-23 months are 61%. According to NHFS II (2007) less than 44% of infants actually get the full set of the required/recommended six vaccines.

Unlike in the developed countries, where there is a strong anti-vaccine lobby, India has a very low vaccination rate due to health disparities and the lack of vaccination education and knowledge. For example, a 2009 UNICEF survey found that 55% parents or guardians of infants with no or partial immunization stated “not knowing about vaccines” or “did not feel the need” as the reason. Thus local community health awareness programs through local people have the potential to increase the education, awareness, and administration of vaccines.

MIF’s idea of Vaccination Friend from local community will increase the changes of being accepted. In a rural setting, the chances of acceptance of an outsider are very nominal. In that scenario, a local trained professional can target the people from remote areas who are unaware about vaccines and have been rejecting due to lack of guidance.

Training Methodologies:

A one-day training module followed by CME (continued Medical Education) or refresher course after every three months. After a successful participation in the training module and a written examination, the participant receives Vaccination Friend Certification. This certification is valid for one year. After one year that person will need to attend another session of training.

MIF’s first Vaccination Friend:

On 31st May 2012, MIF launched VF initiative. Sachin Kumar, a resident of Kunjpura village (Narnaul) participated in our one day VF training course. Mr. Kumar has been associating with MIF since Mrach, 2012 as a volunteer.

Mr. Kumar will help MIF’s outreach team to spread the reach of its childhood immunization advocacy campaign in his village Kunjpura.

MIF has a target to create one Vaccination Friend in each village adjutant to Narnaul and its surrounding areas in order to create childhood vaccination awareness.  MIF will continue to recruit more Vaccination Friends.


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New Associates of MIF


Recently MIF and Shantha Biotech joined hands together to support the accessibility of Hepatitis B Vaccines among underprivileged kids in rural India. Shantha Biotech has gracefully donated 125 vials (2500 Paediatric doses) of Hepatitis B in May this year and offers to donate same amount every year, in order to support free vaccination program of MIF.

Shantha Biotech is one of the pioneer in biotechnology in India and was the first company to Develop, Manufacture and Market an indigenously developed r-DNA Hepatitis-B Vaccine based in Hyderabad, India. Shantha biotech was established in 1993 and today Shantha’s Business Domain encompasses the complete spectrum of human health care biotechnology by adopting an integrated research, manufacturing an marketing model. Shantha Biotechnics is now a Sanofi Company.


Biological E, a premier Biotechnology company based on Hyderabad has donated 100 vials (2000 paediatrics doses) of Hepatitis B to MIF recently. MIF and Biological E joined hands together in 2011 and Biological E donated 1947 adult doses of Hepatitis B to MIF last year.

Biological E is a biopharmaceutical company that develops, manufactures and markets innovative vaccines and biologics that responds to the health care needs worldwide. Based in Hyderabad, Biological E established in 1953, was India’s first private sector biopharmaceutical company.

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MIF is now registered under 80G and 12A

India based-MIF is now registered under 80G and 12A.
Section 80 G, the donors can get tax rebate on the amount of cash donations (donations in kind not exempt). MIF is eligible to issue a certificate to the donor, to claim rebate.
Under section 12A, the income of the MIF shall not be taxable from now onwards.
MIF is a non profit organization working in the filed of Maternal and Child Health in rural India.

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Typhoid Fever Vaccine and Mother & Infant Foundation

Typhoid fever remains a health threat to the people living in Developing countries. The worse sufferers are the children aged between 5-15 years, according to the data provided by WHO. According to WHOs estimate, the annual global incident of Typhoid fever is 21 million cases and among these 1-4% end fatality. Asia suffers most with a statistics of 90% of these deaths (WHO, 2008).

Typhoid fever can be endemic but simultaneously it can change it role to epidemics in case of breakdowns in water supplies and sanitation systems.

In Developed countries the introduction of antibiotics and improved living conditions drastically changed the morbidity as well as mortality rate due to Typhoid fever but it remains a threat to Asian, African and Latin American countries.

Mother & Infant Foundation (MIF) has been working towards strategic immunization program in rural India in order to lessen the socio-economic costs related to Typhoid fever. Vollaard AM et al. mentioned that the hospitalization costs related to Typhoid fever ranged from US$ 129 in Kolkata to US$ 820 in Delhi (Vollaard AM et al., 2004 as mentioned in WHO, 2008). Thus, keeping in view of the importance of prevention of Typhoid disease, MIF’s launched its Typhoid vaccination program in 2011 and since then MIF administered more than 3500 doses of Typhoid vaccines to the kids aged between 2-18 years of old.

Currently two types of typhoid vaccines are in use. First one is injectable Vi Polysaccharide vaccine and the second one is oral Ty21a vaccine. MIF uses Vi polysaccharide vaccine in its Vaccine Center.

It is important that the entire Typhoid immunization program includes other elements like health education, improvement in water and sanitation system. MIF has been working in the same direction. MIF has an outreach team which has been visiting communities on a day to day basis and educate people about the importance of Typhoid vaccination as well as other public health related issues related to Typhoid fever.

MIF is an US-based charity organization working in the field of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) in rural India. MIF’s mission is to provide access to the vaccines that children need to prevent diseases, by making them available free of cost. MIF also provides community health education and counseling on Reproductive and Child Health (RCH).

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MIF celebrated World Immunization Week in Narnaul


World Immunization Week is an initiative of World Health Organization (WHO) in order to unite countries across the globe for a week of vaccination campaigns, public health education and information sharing. This year World Immunization Week scheduled from 21st April to 28th April.

Immunization week was an event, which highlighted the importance of protecting kids from vaccine preventable diseases. Vaccines are among the safest modern medical interventions and cost effective public health tools available for preventing diseases and death. Immunization not only protects vaccinated individuals but also helps a community by preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases through the Herd Immunity. Immunization is also a shared responsibility between Individuals, families, health workers, public health officials and everyone should work together to protect the kids in particular and the whole community in general.

Being a leader in free vaccination activity in Haryana, India Mother & Infant Foundation (MIF) participated in this program by spreading the importance of immunization in Narnaul and its adjacent areas.

During this week MIF’s specialized outreach team visited various play schools and met the parents and teachers. The team explained everyone about the importance of childhood immunization and about the services offered in MIF’s Free Vaccine Center. The team also announced for a painting competition about the importance of childhood immunization for the school kids. In order to participate in the competition, school kids were advised to submit their entries in MIF’s Free Vaccine Center within one week of the announcement of the competition. The idea behind this competition was to raise the awareness about the importance of immunization among the kids and encourage them to participate in MIF’s immunization program.

MIF also coordinated with other NGOs like Red Cross, Haryana Yuva Ranga Mancha and local Medical Centers in order to create awareness about all New and Under Utilized Vaccines (NUVI) like Hepatitis B, Typhoid, MMR etc.

At present MIF has been administering Hepatitis B, Typhoid and MMR vaccines free of cost to all the kids living in Narnaul and its near by villages. This project was launched in April 2010 and since then MIF administered more than 15,000 doses of vaccines to the kids.  Apart from vaccination, MIF has been doing regular community health awareness program on Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) issues.

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MIF celebrated its second anniversary and World Health Day in Narnaul


School kids participating in painting competition

Every year, World Health Day is celebrated on 7th April to mark the anniversary of the founding of World Health Organization.

Mother & Infant Foundation (MIF) also celebrated World Health Day on 7th April in Narnaul along with another celebration- the second anniversary of MIF’s immunization campaign in India.

On 7th April 2010, MIF launched its Immunization campaign in Haryana. Since then MIF has provided more than 14500 doses of life saving vaccines like Hepatitis B, Typhoid and MMR to the underprivileged kids around Narnaul.

Dr. Deepak Singhal attended the program as a Chief Guest and Dr. Surender Yadav as Guest of Honour. The celebration started with a painting competition on the subject of Good Health. Dozens of local kids participated in that competition and participated other events of the program too.

Honouring village head by Dr. Surender Yadav and Santanu Sarma

In this event MIF honoured local village headmen and Anganwadi workers as well as ANMs (Auxiliary Nurse Midwife) for their outstanding contribution to the local community and MIF’s immunization campaign.

Haryana Yuva Rnaga Manch, a cultural group from Narnaul participated in celebration and exhibited Haryana folk dances and other programs related to health awareness.

The MIF itself chimed in, with Program Coordinator Santanu urged local community leaders to take a pledge for a fully immunized society.

Another special feature of the celebration was “an open forum discussion”. In

Participants of the celebration

that forum discussion community members and community heads participated and expressed their views on Good Health and the importance of childhood vaccination. Dr. Surender Yadav, Guest of Honor shared his experience with everyone and appealed parents to provide their kids all the doses of life saving vaccines.


The program ended with a group discussion among MIF’s volunteers about MIF’s upcoming community health advocacy programs.

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Medical Workshop held to Raise Funds for MIF

Chicago, March 17, 2012:

How to tie deep surgical knots?

A medical workshop on the techniques of surgical suturing and Intra-venous (IV) catheter insertion for medical students was organized by Handa Medical Group to raise funds for Mother & Infant Foundation. The workshop was held at Saints Mary & Elizabeth Medical Center, Chicago.

Medical students were given practical training in the aspects of surgical suturing. They tried their hands on animal-models and drapes, learning the basics of various kinds of suture methods. In the second session, students learned and practiced how to insert cannulas into peripheral veins on artificial IV arm simulators. The participants took keen interest in the workshop and liked the ‘hands on’ opportunity to sharpen their skills.

Ivan teaching the techniques of suturing on animal models

The course was conducted by doctors (Drs Tarsha and Bharti), Surgical Assistants (Ivan and Paul) and a phlebotomist.

Special thanks to Sunny Handa who made this workshop a possibility. He is our Brand Ambassador also. Board members from MIF- Dr Munish Kumar and Hirak Vora- also participated in the workshop.
Handa Medical Group is a Chicago-based placement agency for International Medical Graduates for their clinical rotations in USA.

Next workshop is scheduled to be held in last week of April, 2012.


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