Upcoming Project: Library and Community Information Center

After successfully completing its first project of Childhood Vaccines in rural parts of Narnaul region in Haryana, India, Mission India Foundation is now pleased to announce its next project: A Public Library.
Going by the fundamental principle that education is the key to empower the individuals and communities and that public library can be a unique unifier,  Mission India Foundation is going to launch the Public Library and Community Information Center (CIC) in Narnaul in April 2013.
Briefly About the project:
The Public Library and CIC will serve the needs of the rural belt of this region. There is one public library run by the Govt in Narnaul with a population of 65,000 and a catchment area of more than 200 K people. There is a great need of a dynamic library in the region.  The public library run by MIF will be the center of activity and knowledge for the community. The Library will focus on the needs of children and women. Through its community Information Center portfolio, it would be able to organize events, talks and workshops dealing with diverse topics (example: Book-reading for kids, talk by an advocate about rights for women; career counseling for youth,etc).


About Dr. Munish Kumar Raizada

Dr. Munish Kumar Raizada is a Board-certified Neonatologist (dealing with diseases of newborn babies) practicing in Illinois, USA. He has a keen interest in social sector and policy analysis.
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